About Us

Mbele is a social enterprise in Nigeria that uses technology innovation to provide access to quality and fun learning for all. Hence, making everyone lifetime learners. We are on a mission to enable anyone, from anywhere to get access to quality educational contents and become a lifetime learner by using a gamified and incentives based learning.

To make learning accessible, fun and rewarding for all

Our Vision - Mbele


To increase access to quality education, to anyone, anywhere.

Our Mision Mbele


Why Mbele?

I was Born in a little border town between Nigeria and Benin Republic. As a 12years old in Junior High School I survived on one meal per day. Learning was not even fun, that was not even an option in an already overcrowded class. I had a lot to worry about, having to do some cross border smuggling of 2 cartons of apple for 40 Naira (11cent) through a very difficult and deadly terrain to earn some money that I can put into my education.

16 years After I am already living my dream, creating technology solutions for big corporations and government agencies. But I know something is missing, so I resigned my day job and joined the development sector, I found the problem I struggled to overcome is still there and now even worse.

With over 10.5 million children and youths out of school in Nigeria, this is the total population of Liberia and Libya. According to a new UNESCO report Nigeria may not meet the SDG goals 2030 on education maybe until 2070. Really wait another generation.

Peter Ayeni at the DO School

With over 70 million Nigerian online and ever decreasing price of data and high penetration of smart phone thanks to China we can take advantage of the available technology to provide access quality education for our children and skills for our youth.

That is why founded Mbele an e-learning and educational contest platform. That will make learning accessible to anyone anywhere via there phones. On Mbele users will be able to learn in a fun way, participate in educational contest and win real prizes like, scholarship, books, gift vouchers etc. Mbele use innovative learning styles and Gamification to make learning fun and engaging.

The future is not something that we enter, the future is something that we create. If we want to see a world where access to basic education is know longer an issue we have to make a conscious effort and create it today.

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